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Membership Welcome 2018

 NWOSOA USSF Membership 2018

Thank you for choosing to be part of Northwest Ohio Soccer Officials Association - NWOSOA. The Arbiter Membership Account is limited to USSF certified officials. Please visit our website at

Your account will not activate for verification until your payment has been made.  After payment the NWOSOA will confirm your USSF status for 2018.  After confirmation your account will become active and assignors will be able to view your information for assignments.  Membership remains at $15.00 for the 2018 year and you can pay by credit, echeck or mailing a check in.

Please gather the following items as they are needed to complete this registration.

  • Your USSF ID Number
  • A current Photo - Head shot with no sunglasses, hats or no funny expressions. Preferred with you in your uniform shirt as this is your “Professional work ID”
  • Your emergency contact information phone and address
  • Credit card information

If you have completed registration in the past you will only need to verify and update the info you have on record.

If you are under the age of 19 please enter your age after your first name in parenthesis. 

EXAMPLE:  Danielle (16)

Anyone 18 and older must post their current picture.  Your account will only be activated when certification is verified. Missing items will only delay your account being activated as it is not sent to the manager for certification verification until all pages of registration are completed.
Registration Support


Barb Nye - Secretary for NWOSOA


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